About the Author

Hi, I am Lisa Hamilton-Gibbs. I am the author of 'The Gubyllub' and 'Who said kiwis can't fly?'.

I believe we have one precious life and I want to make the most of mine! I am passionate about making a difference by encouraging kindness towards ourselves and others. My hope is that those who receive an icandy card or read our books are moved to do the same.

About iCandy Design

In the year 2000, feeling like a creative 'square peg' in a corporate 'round hole' I had hit rock bottom. I knew that I wanted to put something wonderful out there into the world but I needed to find a channel for my creativity. I approached a few stores with some handmade cards I had been working on and discovered that they were a bit of a hit. And that was the birth of the iCandy brand.

Now over 20 years on, iCandy has evolved substantially but the original purpose behind the brand remains - to create images and messages that go straight to the heart. The iCandy range is an expression of my life. As I have navigated my way through many ups and downs, loves and losses I have documented my experiences along the way. And because we are all on this crazy journey together - my experiences are your experiences. I have a card for every occasion (or maybe a few!).

I am very committed to supporting New Zealand businesses. I know that for every iCandy item that is sold we are supporting not only the people that make our product, but the families that support them.

I must also share that whilst I am the brainchild of iCandy this brand would not be what it is without the support of the people who share my vision in this business. A heartfelt thanks to Miriam and Suzy for their commitment unwavering support. They are voices of reason and constantly push me to be a better version of myself.

To find out more about the iCandy range simply visit www.icandy.co.nz.

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