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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that by now you have read 'The Gubyllub' and know all about its relationship to the Bullybug - one of the most harmful bugs on this planet!

We are trying to bring consciousness to kindness and would like to offer a different perspective on the issue of bullying. When it comes to bullying, we often label the person as the problem rather than their behaviour. Demonstrating the way the Bullybug transforms into the Gubyllub in our book shows we can all change according to our behaviour.

If you think your family might be affected by the Bullybug in any way we hope that you might find some of our illustrations and little messages helpful.

Bullying is complex and different for everyone so please note that these are 'our ideas’ and should not replace professional support.


    About Bullying Behaviour

    Bullying is a serious and complex issue that has many different forms and occurs for many reasons. Having a common understanding of bullying is important so that it can be recognized and addressed appropriately. 

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    Ideas that might help

    Check out our ideas and tools to engage kids and parents in conversation and to help those affected by bullying behaviour whether it be as a witness, a target or the person using the behaviour.

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We believe that one of the best ways we can all stop the spread of the Bullybug is with kindness. When we start with being kind to ourselves then we can spread this to others. Kindness truly is contagious.

Ideas to spread kindness


    Printable Activities

    Check out our fantastic range of 'Gubyllub' activities that you can do! From Spot the difference to colouring in. There's something for everyone. Please keep checking back as there is more to come!

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    Websites and services that can help

    Bullying is complex and our website are offered as ideas that may help and should not replace professional support.

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