Bullybugs can work in many different ways...

  • Social Bullying

  • Verbal Bullying

  • Physical Bullying

  • Cyberbullying

  • Bullying behind people's backs

  • Remember. ALL unkind behaviour hurts

Why do we use Bullying behaviour?

  • When we feel bad about ourselves we can bully others

  • Sometimes we catch the bullybug by watching others

  • Bullying behavior can be used to get attention

  • Sometimes we can catch the Bullybug when we don't like something about ourselves

  • Feeling left out and alone can make us use bullying behaviour

Ways people can act when they see the Bullybug

  • Stand up for others

  • Watch and walk by

  • Join in

How to be an UPSTANDER

  • Ask for help

  • Be a friend

  • Interrupt and distract

  • Label the bullying behaviour

  • Don't give bullying behaviour an audience

If you are being bullied REMEMBER...

  • It's not your fault!

  • Build a support team

  • Telling someone is important

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Surround yourself with the right people

  • Go outside and move your body!

  • Walk away if you can

  • Let people know what is not acceptable behaviour for you.

If you have the Bullybug...

  • Take responsibility for your actions

  • Having the Bullybug can really hurt inside. Tell someone you trust.

  • Stop what you are doing and change your behaviour

How to be kind

  • Be kind to yourself first

  • Be kind. You never know when someone may really need your kindess

  • Kindness is catchy. Pass it on!

  • Learn to say sorry

  • Listen to a friend

  • Do nice things for others

  • Who does't love a hug?

  • Remember. Our differences make us special.

  • Accept apologies

  • Check in with those around you

  • Help others

  • Think first...