Let's make kindness contagious

We would love to bring more kindness to our homes, schools and communities and it is our hope that the Gubyllub will light the way. We have a few ideas below that might help...

  • Be kind to yourself first

    Before we can be genuinely kind to others, we need to be kind to ourselves first.

    Just like Rose in 'The Gubyllub' you need to love yourself for who you are and believe in your self-worth.

    The way other people treat you may still hurt, however if you can remind yourself why you are amazing, you may be able to heal from the hurt and move on from it more easily.

    Be your own best friend!

  • You'll never know...

    Your kind words or actions may make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Or several lifetimes!

  • Kindness is contagious

    When we do something kind for someone else, we feel better about ourselves and the flow on effects can keep on going...

  • Learn to say sorry

    Remember you are NOT your mistakes. You are what you do NEXT. One of the best ways you can be kind to yourself and others is to say sorry.

  • Listen to a friend

    Sometimes all you need is someone to listen to your frustrations. The best thing you can do is just be that person that someone can talk to. Really LISTEN and try to refrain from offering advice.

  • Give compliments

    Give someone a compliment sometime. It might be something about how they look. Like - 'you have a nice smile', ' I love that colour on you'... or something about what they have done 'good on you for standing up for .....'

  • Who doesn't love a hug?

    Sometimes all it takes to make you feel better is to receive a nice warm hug from a friend. A little tip - hang in there a bit longer and send them kind thoughts when you are hugging!!

  • Our differences make us special

    Every single one of us has something unique to add to the world. There is no one like you and NEVER let anyone take away that very thing that makes 'YOU' you!

  • Accept appologies

    Accepting an apology means that YOU can LET GO of hurt feelings instead of holding onto them.

  • Check in with those around you

    Three little words can make a big difference... Are you ok?

    Notice the people around you and check to see if they are ok.

  • Help others

    A wonderful way of being kind is to help others. This could be helping someone to learn something or simply helping with a task or chore.

    Helping without being asked to is even better!

  • Think first...

    If you wouldn't say something to someone's face, don't say it at all.

    Before you speak, try to ask yourself the following questions:

    T - is it TRUE?

    H - is it HELPFUL?

    I - is it INSPIRING?

    N - is it NECESSARY?

    K - is it KIND?