Additional Websites & Services

Bullying is complex and different for everyone and while we hope that you find our website helpful, there are many other websites and professional services that can also help .

It is important to find the right support for your specific situation. We have listed a few options below, however you may find other websites or services helpful too. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these services.

Bullying Free New Zealand

Information, research and resources to help schools and communities respond to bullying.


Information on bullying and support through trauma, loss and grief and counselling support.

Ph: 0800 299 100


For information on online bullying


Free Helpline service (text, phone, webchat & email) and counselling.

Ph: 0800 376 633

What's Up

Phone support for kids.

Ph: 0800 942 8787

Pink Shirt Day

Supported by the Mental Health Foundation to reduce bullying through raising awareness about bullying prevention, funding education workshops and supplying free resources to workplaces, schools and communities.


Information about what can be done both at home and at school to address bullying.